Social and Environmental Responsibility

    • Social Awareness
      Provide learning opportunity for apprentices, , trainees and others;
      Always seek continuous improvement by training and making employees aware;
      Encouraging sport and culture through sponsorship of athletes and events.
    • Environmental Awareness
      Sense of individual responsibility promotion in relation to the environment through training, lectures and consumption reduction targets of environmental items such as water, power and gas; Treatment of industrial waste and correct disposal of its disposal; Encouraging the recycling of various materials.


Events and People We Sponsor

  • Women’s Football (Year 1998 and 1999)
  • Giovanna Martins (current)
  • Sylvia Pennas (year 2018)
  • Marjorie Beck (year 2018)
  • Diego Lozano (current)
  • Tati Panel Therapy (current)
  • SPFF Bodybuilding Event (year 2019)
  • Southern Cross Race (year 2019)
  • Academy Disclosures
  • Race Sponsorship
  • Welcoming Newly Graduated Nutritionist
  • Forum The Nutrition Revolution
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Apas
  • FISA